Air India, Concentrix: 5 Contact Centres Partnership

In a significant boost to its customer service infrastructure, Air India, now part of the Tata Group, has unveiled five new contact centers across the globe. This expansion marks a major stride in the airline’s ongoing transformation journey, placing customer experience at the forefront.

Strategic Network for Global Customers

The new contact centers are meticulously positioned across key international hubs, including Mumbai, Cairo, and Kuala Lumpur. This strategic network allows Air India to offer more accessible and efficient support to its international clientele, ensuring they receive timely and effective assistance regardless of location.

Concentrix Elevates Premium Service

For a truly premium customer service experience, Air India has joined forces with Concentrix, a leading customer engagement firm headquartered in California. Concentrix will manage the contact centers in Mumbai, Cairo, and Kuala Lumpur, specifically catering to business and first-class flyers, as well as premium frequent flyer members. Passengers can expect exceptional service tailored to their specific needs and travel preferences.

Domestic Focus with iEnergizer Partnership

Air India hasn’t neglected its domestic customer base. The airline has partnered with iEnergizer to operate dedicated contact centers in Noida and Bengaluru. These centers will serve as the primary touchpoints for domestic inquiries, ensuring prompt and focused support for customers within India.

Beyond Contact Centers: A Holistic Approach

Air India’s commitment to customer service goes beyond the launch of new contact centers. The airline has implemented a comprehensive back-office insourcing strategy. This strategy involves bringing email, social media inquiries, and chat support in-house, allowing for more streamlined communication and improved response times. Additionally, a 24/7 grievance management desk has been established to ensure prompt resolution of customer issues and concerns.

Air India’s strategic investment in expanding its contact center network signifies a clear focus on prioritizing the customer experience. This multi-pronged approach, encompassing wider reach, specialized services, and internal process improvements, positions the airline for stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty in the competitive aviation industry.

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