APEDA and Lulu Hypermarket Unite to Elevate Indian Agri-Exports to the GCC

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and Lulu Hypermarket LLC marks a significant step towards enhancing the export of Indian agricultural products to the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCCs). This collaboration, which aligns with the goal of promoting ‘Brand India’ globally, was officially sealed at the World India Food (WIF) 2023 event on November 3, 2023, in New Delhi.

APEDA, under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, and Lulu Hypermarket, a global retail giant, have outlined several key aspects in this agreement. The MoU facilitates the active promotion and showcasing of a broad spectrum of products from APEDA’s range of agricultural and processed food products in Lulu Hypermarket’s retail outlets. As part of the agreement, dedicated shelf space within Lulu Group’s stores will be allocated to display APEDA’s products prominently, thereby enhancing their visibility.

This strategic partnership leverages Lulu Group’s extensive presence not only in the GCC but also in Egypt, India, and the Far East, with 247 LuLu stores and 24 shopping malls in operation. Known as the fastest-growing retail chain in the Middle East and Asia, Lulu Group’s involvement offers a significant boost to the exposure and accessibility of Indian agricultural products in these regions.

The collaboration includes various promotional activities such as interactive events, sampling and tasting campaigns, seasonal promotions for fruits and vegetables, new product launches, and the promotion of products originating from the Himalayan and North Eastern States, as well as organic products. These initiatives aim to maximize the dissemination of information and awareness about the benefits of ethnic, unique, and GI-tagged agri-products to consumers in the destination countries. Feedback from consumers will be actively sought to improve product offerings.

Additionally, the MoU underscores the commitment of both parties to explore opportunities for the export of agricultural products through Lulu Group’s international network of stores, thereby expanding the global reach of Indian agricultural products. They will also jointly facilitate export-oriented promotional programs, such as Buyer-Seller meets (BSMs), R-BSMs/B2B meetings, trade fairs, and road shows in collaboration with Indian Missions abroad and relevant stakeholders.

Furthermore, Lulu Group will assist in labeling products according to the specific requirements of different importing countries, with commercial matters and applicable terms to be decided mutually. This agreement also extends support to boost exports from the Himalayan and North Eastern states by facilitating agreements with entities such as the Arunachal Pradesh Marketing Board, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology, Jammu, and Meghalaya Agricultural Marketing Board​​​​​​.



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