Revolutionizes Healthcare with Blod+: India’s First Blood Logistics Platform, a Chennai-based company, has introduced Blod+, India’s first on-demand blood logistics platform, aimed at revolutionizing blood management and delivery in healthcare facilities across the country. This innovative software and logistics platform addresses the critical issue of blood wastage in healthcare facilities, promising to significantly reduce such wastage and improve the efficiency of blood distribution.

Varun Nair, CEO of, highlighted the alarming statistic that about 6.5 lakh units of blood are wasted annually in India, leading to approximately 12,000 daily deaths. Blod+ is designed to ensure hospitals have steady access to blood, significantly reducing this wastage. The platform also aims to alleviate the burden on hospitals and family members in finding blood for patients, a common and stressful challenge in the healthcare system.

The platform has been well-received by several healthcare institutions. Healthcare giants like CloudNine, Bewell, Sooriya Hospital, and IMAX Hospital, along with over 35 other hospitals, have adopted Blod+. One of the key features of Blod+ is its ability to reduce the average sourcing time for blood from six hours to an average of just over two hours, significantly surpassing industry norms.

Additionally, Blod+ empowers blood banks to distribute blood and its components more efficiently to hospitals within its network. This not only reduces wastage but also streamlines the supply chain. It simplifies inventory management for blood banks, enabling them to meet demands more promptly and effectively.

The launch of Blod+ follows a funding round that saw investments from various industry leaders, including Prabhu Rangarajan (co-founder of M2P Fintech), Mohan K (co-founder of Ippo Pay), Samit Shetty (founder of Chaitanya Microfinance), and others. This support underscores the significance and potential impact of Blod+ in the healthcare sector.

Blod+ represents a significant advancement in healthcare logistics in India. By providing a more efficient and reliable blood supply chain, it has the potential to save lives and improve healthcare outcomes. Its adoption by a growing number of hospitals signifies the platform’s effectiveness and ease of integration, marking a notable step forward in healthcare innovation and patient care in India​​​​​



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