Boosting ‘Make in India’: Netweb’s Game-Changing Deal with Nvidia

Netweb Technologies India Limited (Netweb), a leading Indian OEM in high-end computing, has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with American technology giant Nvidia. This collaboration marks a significant step in boosting artificial intelligence infrastructure and high-end computing applications in India.

Key Aspects of the Netweb-Nvidia Partnership

  1. Manufacturing of NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchips: As part of the partnership, Netweb will serve as a manufacturing partner for NVIDIA’s Grace CPU Superchip and GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip MGX server designs. This collaboration aligns with Nvidia’s mission to support the Indian government’s vision and the ‘Make in India’ initiative, aiming to enhance the local manufacturing ecosystem​​​​.
  2. Development of AI Systems and Server Variants: Netweb will build and produce more than ten server variations under its Tyrone range of AI systems. These systems are intended for a wide range of AI and high-performance computing/supercomputing applications, making them versatile for various technological needs​​​​.
  3. Focus on Complex Workloads and AI Applications: The AI systems developed by Netweb, based on the NVIDIA MGX platform, will target complex workloads such as high-performance computing (HPC), data science, large language models, edge computing, enterprise AI, and design and simulation. Additionally, the range will support handling simultaneous workloads like AI training, inference, and 5G on a single system​​​​.
  4. Impact on India’s AI Infrastructure: The partnership is expected to significantly contribute to building sovereign AI infrastructure for India and potentially other nations. Sanjay Lodha, Chairman and Managing Director of Netweb, emphasized the correlation between the success of generative AI and other related technologies with the backend infrastructure and capabilities. He expressed optimism about India’s emerging story in generative AI, backed by this new initiative​​.
  5. Benefits to Local Ecosystem and Global Standards: The local manufacturing of these systems is set to build a local ecosystem that better addresses the AI and accelerated computing applications demands of both government and private enterprises. This initiative is also expected to bring locally manufactured cutting-edge technologies at par with global standards​​.
  6. Market Response: Following the announcement of this partnership, shares of Netweb Technologies saw a significant jump, nearly 10%, reflecting the market’s positive reception of this strategic collaboration​​.


The partnership between Netweb and Nvidia represents a pivotal development in India’s technological landscape, particularly in the realms of AI and high-end computing. By manufacturing NVIDIA’s advanced GPU servers in India, Netweb not only contributes to the ‘Make in India’ mission but also positions itself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving AI infrastructure sector. This collaboration is expected to have far-reaching impacts, from enhancing local manufacturing capabilities to setting new standards in AI and computing technologies, aligning India’s tech industry with global advancements.



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