BRICS CCI Launches Initiative to Empower Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs

The BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BRICS CCI) has launched a notable initiative aimed at empowering women professionals and entrepreneurs. The BRICS CCI WE (Women Entrepreneurship) Global Women Leadership Programme is a transformative initiative designed to empower women professionals and entrepreneurs from BRICS nations and other friendly countries through a mentorship and learning module. This program reflects BRICS CCI’s commitment to promoting commerce and industry in the BRICS and other friendly nations, with a particular focus on women empowerment initiatives and policies across various geographies​​​​.

The inaugural program of the Global Women Leadership Programme will include about 25 women professionals and entrepreneurs from BRICS and other friendly countries. They will participate in a three-month intensive learning and mentorship module. The module’s focus will be on unlocking business operations, global market entry strategy, growth business plan, personal development plan, and leadership for global success. Esteemed guest speakers will share their experiences and expertise, enhancing participants’ knowledge and providing valuable insights. The program will be conducted in hybrid mode with weekly sessions, and successful participants will receive a certification from BRICS CCI​​.

The BRICS CCI WE has also focused on digital inclusivity as a key gamechanger for women. This emphasis aligns with the G20’s focus on gender-based digital inclusivity and the vision of making the current decade a ‘Techade’. At the 3rd Annual Summit and Felicitations 2023, themed “Women Shaping the Techade”, the organization felicitated women who have played a significant role in shaping the tech era, recognizing the efforts of women entrepreneurs and leaders across various sectors. The Summit highlighted the importance of creating a world where women are not just consumers of technology but active creators and innovators as well​​.

Moreover, BRICS CCI WE hosted the inaugural Trailblazers Dialogues Roundtable on Global Women Diplomats, emphasizing the need for gender equality in global diplomatic roles. The roundtable gathered prominent women diplomats to discuss the critical role of women in diplomacy, underscoring the transformative ideas they bring to the forefront of international relations and conflict resolution. The event was an effort to collaboratively strive for a future where gender equality and women’s empowerment are integrated into the diplomatic sphere​​.

In summary, these initiatives by the BRICS CCI WE reflect a comprehensive approach to empowering women professionals and entrepreneurs, focusing on education, representation, technology, and diplomacy. The programs and summits organized aim to bridge gender gaps, enhance women’s leadership skills, and foster global connections, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and equitable global business landscape.



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