Faster Speeds, Better Coverage, Lower Latency: Nokia and TATA Play Fiber Bring WiFi6 to India

Nokia has partnered with Tata Play Fiber to launch India’s first Wi-Fi 6-ready broadband network, marking a significant advancement in India’s broadband infrastructure. This collaboration is set to revolutionize internet connectivity by introducing state-of-the-art technology to enhance user experience across the country.

Key Details of the Partnership:

  1. Implementation of Wi-Fi 6 Technology: Wi-Fi 6, a relatively recent technology, offers up to 9.6Gbps of connectivity, which is 40 percent faster than its predecessor, Wi-Fi 5. Its benefits are not limited to speed alone; it also provides more efficient data transfer, reduced latency, improved battery life for connected devices, and enhanced security through the WPA3 protocol​​.
  2. Nokia’s Role and Equipment Provided: Under the agreement, Nokia will supply Tata Play Fiber with an array of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and Wi-Fi equipment to support the broadband network expansion across India. This includes Optical Line Terminal (OLT), Optical Network Terminal (ONT) with Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi mesh beacons. These devices are pivotal in creating a stable and high-speed connectivity network, catering to the growing demands in both residential and business sectors​​​​​​.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Tata Play Fiber plans to utilize this new technology to offer unique services and significantly improve the indoor user experience. The Wi-Fi 6 network will allow users to enjoy high-speed internet throughout their homes and workplaces, supporting multiple devices simultaneously and ensuring a seamless experience for low-latency applications like gaming​​​​.
  4. Industry Impact: This move is in response to the increasing usage of broadband in homes and businesses, necessitating more high-capacity broadband connections. By introducing this next-generation networking solution, Tata Play Fiber aims to boost the speed and coverage for a wide array of smart gadgets in technology-dependent environments​​​​.
  5. Strategic Outlook: Anand N Sahai, CEO at Tata Play Fiber, expressed that the deployment of this cutting-edge solution is a first in the category and is expected to augment the performance of various smart devices in both homes and enterprises. Vinish Bawa, Head of Enterprise, Webscale & Emerging business, India, at Nokia, highlighted Nokia’s role as a world leader in OLT technologies and expressed pride in being a close partner with Tata Play Fiber for this project​​​​.

The partnership between Nokia and Tata Play Fiber to launch India’s first Wi-Fi 6-ready broadband network is a landmark development in India’s digital infrastructure. It not only showcases the commitment of both companies to enhancing internet connectivity but also sets a new standard for broadband services in the country. With this advancement, users can expect a more robust, efficient, and secure internet experience, tailored to meet the increasing demands of modern technology-dependent lifestyles.



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