Federal Bank Joins NPCI for ‘Flash Pay’ Contactless Payment

Federal Bank, in a strategic alliance with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has introduced a revolutionary payment solution – ‘Flash Pay’. This innovative offering takes the form of a RuPay smart keychain, empowering users to experience the convenience and security of contactless NCMC (National Common Mobility Card) payments.

Effortless Transactions at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of fumbling for cards or cash at checkout counters. ‘Flash Pay’ allows users to make quick and effortless payments for transactions up to ₹5,000 with a simple tap. This feature significantly streamlines the payment process at various retail outlets, cafes, transportation hubs, and other everyday purchase points, eliminating the need to enter a PIN for smaller transactions.

Beyond Convenience: ‘Flash Pay’ Takes You Places

The benefits of ‘Flash Pay’ extend beyond everyday purchases. As an NCMC-enabled solution, this smart keychain allows users to breeze through metro stations without the hassle of queues for tickets. With a simple tap at designated terminals, users can pay their fares and enter seamlessly, making daily commutes significantly more convenient.

Security Measures That Give You Peace of Mind

While speed is a major advantage, ‘Flash Pay’ prioritizes security by requiring PIN authentication for transactions exceeding ₹5,000. This two-tier system ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of both swiftness and robust protection for their finances. Additionally, a daily transaction limit of ₹1 lakh has been set at any PoS terminal, promoting responsible financial management and safeguarding users against unauthorized transactions.

A Collaboration Ushering in a New Era of Payments

Shalini Warrier, Executive Director at Federal Bank, expressed her excitement about the collaboration with NPCI. She stated that ‘Flash Pay’ embodies the bank’s commitment to providing users with cutting-edge solutions that are not only convenient but also secure. This strategic partnership is a testament to Federal Bank’s drive to constantly innovate and enhance customer journeys within the Indian financial landscape.

‘Flash Pay’: Aligning with the Contactless Payments Revolution

The launch of ‘Flash Pay’ aligns perfectly with the growing adoption of contactless payment methods in India. A [August 2023] report by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revealed that the value of contactless card transactions in India has grown by a staggering 150% in the past year, indicating a significant shift towards faster and more secure payment methods. As consumers become increasingly comfortable with digital transactions, solutions like ‘Flash Pay’ offer a perfect blend of ease and security, paving the way for a more streamlined and tech-driven future of payments.

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