Financial Innovation in Renewable Energy: Suzlon’s Collaboration with REC

The collaboration between Suzlon Energy Ltd and REC Limited is a notable development in the renewable energy sector, particularly in the context of financial strategies aimed at enhancing operational efficiency. This partnership focuses on establishing a non-fund based working capital facility, a strategic financial arrangement that brings several benefits and implications for both entities and the wider renewable energy industry.

Overview of the Collaboration

  • Entities Involved: Suzlon Energy Ltd is one of India’s largest renewable energy solutions providers, with a significant presence in the global market. REC Limited is a renowned financial institution in India, known for its expertise in the power and renewable energy sectors.
  • Nature of the Collaboration: The agreement involves a non-fund based working capital facility provided by REC Limited to Suzlon. This type of facility is typically used to finance the day-to-day operations of a company without increasing its debt.
  • Key Objectives: The primary goal is to enhance Suzlon’s operational capabilities and financial agility. This is particularly crucial for Suzlon, given the challenges it has faced in securing working capital in the past.
  • Terms of the Facility: The facility is described as a revolving credit, meaning it can be used, repaid, and used again. It is off-balance sheet, which helps Suzlon maintain its debt-free status.

Strategic Importance and Implications

  • For Suzlon: This facility enables Suzlon to overcome past constraints related to working capital, allowing for increased volumes and order book expansion. The financial flexibility provided by REC will support Suzlon in fulfilling its current and future orders more effectively.
  • For REC Limited: This collaboration underscores REC Limited’s commitment to supporting India’s renewable energy targets. By providing this facility to Suzlon, REC demonstrates its role in promoting sustainable energy initiatives.
  • For the Renewable Energy Sector: Such collaborations are vital for the growth of the renewable energy sector in India. They not only provide necessary financial support to key players but also signal the increasing alignment of financial institutions with sustainable energy goals.

Broader Impact

  • On Sustainable Energy Development: This partnership is a step towards accelerating the growth of renewable energy in India, a country with ambitious targets for renewable energy capacity.
  • On Financial Strategies in Energy Sector: The use of non-fund based working capital facilities could become a model for other companies in the renewable energy sector, promoting a more sustainable approach to financial management.


The collaboration between Suzlon and REC Limited represents a significant stride in combining financial innovation with sustainable energy goals. It provides a template for how financial institutions can play a crucial role in supporting the renewable energy sector’s growth and sustainability.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the original sources of this news, such as Suzlon’s press release​​, WindInsider​​, and SAUR Energy​.



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