Finolex Unveils Eco-Friendly, Fire-Resistant Wires

Electrical fires pose a significant threat, often stemming from faulty wiring. In a commendable effort to tackle this issue while fostering environmental responsibility, Finolex Cables has introduced a groundbreaking product line – FinoGreen. This innovative range of wires prioritizes both fire safety and sustainability, making it a welcome addition to the electrical industry.

FinoGreen: A Beacon of Fire Safety

FinoGreen boasts halogen-free and flame-retardant industrial cables specifically designed to minimize fire risks within electrical installations. These cables are crafted using recyclable materials, ensuring a reduced environmental footprint during their production and disposal.

Enhanced Safety Through Reduced Smoke Emission

In the event of a fire, a crucial factor is safe evacuation. FinoGreen cables significantly reduce smoke emissions, ensuring better visibility during this critical time. This also minimizes the release of harmful hydrochloric acid gas, creating a safer environment for building occupants.

Meeting Rigorous Safety Standards

FinoGreen cables are designed to meet stringent safety standards and are suitable for voltages up to 1100 V AC, 50 Hz. This makes them ideal for various applications, including high-rise buildings, shopping malls, airports, and high-security areas where adhering to the highest safety protocols is paramount.

A Sustainable Future Takes Center Stage

With FinoGreen, Finolex underscores its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. The utilization of recyclable materials and minimal smoke emission during fires embodies the company’s vision for a greener future for the electrical industry.

Market Potential and Availability

Industry analysts predict FinoGreen to capture around 5% of Finolex’s wires business, signifying a strong market demand for sustainable fire safety solutions. While specific pricing details haven’t been revealed yet, experts anticipate FinoGreen to be competitively priced within the fire-retardant cable segment.

FinoGreen marks a significant leap forward in the electrical industry. By offering a solution that merges fire safety with environmental consciousness, FinoGreen is poised to gain considerable traction in the market. This innovative product line sets a new standard for sustainable electrical solutions, prioritizing both safety and the well-being of the planet.

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