Goa Tourism: Co-working Spaces on Beaches

Goa, the popular beach destination in India, is gearing up to offer a new attraction for its visitors: co-working spaces on the beaches. The state tourism department has announced that it will soon set up facilities on Morjim and Ashwem beaches, where people can work remotely while enjoying the scenic views and the pleasant weather.

The initiative is part of the state’s vision to promote regenerative tourism, which involves the local people, culture, cuisine, festivals, temples and churches. The state also aims to provide nomad visas to the travellers who want to stay longer and work from Goa.

What are co-working spaces on the beaches?

Co-working spaces are shared work environments where people can rent desks, offices or meeting rooms for a short or long term. They are usually equipped with internet access, power outlets, printers and other amenities. Co-working spaces are popular among freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and digital nomads who seek flexibility, networking and collaboration opportunities.

Co-working spaces on the beaches are a unique concept that combines work and leisure. They are located on the sandy shores of Goa’s famous beaches, offering a stunning view of the Arabian Sea. They are designed to cater to the needs of the visitors who want to work from Goa while enjoying its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.

Why co-working spaces on the beaches?

The state tourism secretary Sanjeev Ahuja said that the concept of co-working spaces on the beaches has been introduced by the tourism minister Rohan Khaunte. He said that the state will give nomad visas to the people who can come here, work and also enjoy the beaches.

He said that the state government wants to invite more tourists specially from Europe and high-spending tourists from other destinations by providing them an all-round experience. He said that the Goa tourism department wants to give other reasons also to travellers to come to the state, besides its beaches.

He said that co-working spaces on the beaches will offer a unique opportunity for the visitors to balance their work and life. They will be able to work productively in a serene and inspiring environment, while also indulging in various recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, yoga, meditation, fishing, boating and more.

He said that co-working spaces on the beaches will also create a vibrant community of like-minded people who can share their ideas, skills and experiences. They will be able to network with local entrepreneurs, artists, innovators and social activists who can enrich their knowledge and perspective.

Where are co-working spaces on the beaches?

Ahuja said that the facilities at Morjim and Ashwem beaches are taking shape and would be ready soon. He added that the state government has already written to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and the External Affairs Ministry to provide nomad visa for such travellers.

He said that Morjim and Ashwem are among the most popular beaches in Goa, known for their pristine sand, clear water and tranquil atmosphere. They are also home to some of the best resorts, restaurants and nightlife options in the state.

He said that co-working spaces on these beaches will offer a range of options for the visitors to choose from. They will be able to rent a desk, a cabin or a hut depending on their preference and budget. They will also have access to common areas such as lounges, cafes, libraries and gardens where they can relax and socialise.

He said that co-working spaces on these beaches will also provide various facilities and services such as high-speed internet, power backup, security, housekeeping, laundry, catering, travel assistance and more. They will also organise events such as workshops, seminars, webinars, hackathons, pitch sessions and parties for their members.

How to avail co-working spaces on the beaches?

Ahuja said that the state government is in talks with the Centre for a “positive consideration” and things will materialise soon after the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He said that once the nomad visa is approved, the visitors will be able to apply online through a dedicated portal.

He said that the visitors will have to submit their personal details, passport details, travel itinerary, work profile and purpose of visit. They will also have to pay a nominal fee for the visa processing and verification. He said that the visa will be valid for up to six months and can be extended if required.

He said that once the visa is granted, the visitors will be able to book their co-working space on the beach through another portal. They will have to select their preferred location, duration and type of space. They will also have to pay a rental fee which will vary depending on the demand and supply.

He said that the visitors will receive a confirmation email with their booking details and instructions. They will also receive a welcome kit with their co-working space membership card, access code, wifi password and other information. They will be able to check-in and check-out at their convenience and enjoy their stay in Goa.

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