Green Energy Milestone: Tata Power Takes Over ₹1,544 Crore Bikaner Project

Tata Power, a major player in India’s integrated power sector, has recently acquired the Bikaner-III Neemrana-II Transmission Limited, a project initially set up by PFC Consulting Limited, a subsidiary of Power Finance Corporation. This acquisition, worth approximately ₹1,544 crore, is a strategic move that aligns with Tata Power’s commitment to enhancing India’s power infrastructure, particularly focusing on the renewable energy sector​​.

The project, to be developed on a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis, is designed to play a crucial role in the evacuation of 7.7 GW of renewable energy from the Bikaner Complex in Rajasthan. It involves establishing a transmission corridor of about 340 kilometers, connecting the Bikaner-III pooling station to the Neemrana II substation. This development is significant in the broader context of energy transmission in India​​​​.

Tata Power’s responsibilities extend beyond the initial development of the project. The company is tasked with maintaining the transmission project for a substantial period of 35 years, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency. The estimated completion time for the project is within 24 months from the date of transfer of the project SPV​​.

Upon successful commissioning, the project is expected to become a vital link in the roadmap unveiled by the Ministry of Power in 2022. This roadmap aims to integrate over 500 GW of renewable energy capacity into India’s national grid by 2030. This project not only underlines the country’s commitment to sustainable and renewable energy sources but also marks Tata Power’s pivotal role in achieving India’s renewable energy goals and aligning with global sustainability initiatives​​.

Overall, Tata Power’s strategic acquisition and its subsequent project development are crucial steps in India’s transition towards a more sustainable energy future, contributing significantly to the national and global efforts in green energy and infrastructure development.



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