Gujarat to Surge in Energy and Ports, Thanks to Essar’s ₹55,000 Crore Investment

Ahmedabad, December 14, 2023: In a significant development bolstering Gujarat’s economic landscape, Essar has inked three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with the Gujarat Government, channeling a whopping ₹55,000 crore into the state’s energy transition, power, and ports sectors. This landmark investment, announced ahead of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024, marks a new chapter in Essar’s strategic investments, reinforcing its commitment to Gujarat’s growth and progress.

Investment Breakdown and Impact

  1. Energy Transition: Leading the charge in sustainable energy initiatives, Essar plans to establish a 1 Gigawatt Green Hydrogen project, with an estimated investment of ₹30,000 crore. This move is a testament to the company’s dedication to pioneering energy solutions that are both innovative and environmentally conscious.
  2. Power Generation: Further strengthening its footprint in the power sector, Essar Power will inject an additional ₹16,000 crore for Phase-II expansion at its Salaya Power Plant. This expansion is a clear indication of Essar’s resolve to enhance its power generation capabilities, catering to the growing energy demands.
  3. Ports Sector Development: In a bid to revolutionize the ports sector, Essar Ports is set to transform the Salaya port into a dynamic logistics hub. An investment of ₹10,000 crore is earmarked for this project, which is expected to significantly boost the state’s infrastructure and logistics capabilities.

Economic and Employment Upsurge

The execution of these projects is poised to create over 10,000 job opportunities, signaling a major boost to the local economy and employment landscape. This initiative not only underscores Essar’s commitment to Gujarat’s economic advancement but also demonstrates the potential of such large-scale investments in catalyzing regional development.

A Longstanding Partnership with Gujarat

Essar’s relationship with Gujarat has been enduring and transformative. Over the past four decades, the company has invested more than ₹1 lakh crore in the state across various sectors, including Energy, Metals & Mining, and Infrastructure. These investments have played a pivotal role in shaping Gujarat’s industrial domain, highlighting the state’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

Looking Ahead

This series of investments by Essar is a significant step in its ongoing journey to contribute meaningfully to Gujarat’s multifaceted growth trajectory. The focus on energy transition, power generation, and port development aligns with the broader goals of sustainable and comprehensive development, setting a precedent for future investments in the state.



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