Gujarat’s Global Tech Talks: Engaging with Chipmakers from Japan, US, South Korea

Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is in advanced talks with semiconductor companies from Japan, US and South Korea for investment in the state, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said in an exclusive interview with Reuters on Thursday.

Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit

The state is hosting its biennial Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit next week, which is expected to attract a record number of foreign and domestic investors to the western state. Patel said that the state has already signed initial investment agreements worth $86 billion with 58 companies ahead of the event.

“We are in talks with some of the leading chipmakers from Japan, US and South Korea. They have shown interest in setting up their plants in Gujarat,” Patel said, without naming the companies. “We are offering them land, power, water and other incentives to make Gujarat their preferred destination.”

India’s chipmaking ambitions

India, which imports nearly all of its semiconductor needs, has been trying to woo global chipmakers to set up manufacturing units in the country as part of its efforts to become self-reliant and reduce its dependence on China. The government has announced a slew of incentives and subsidies for chipmakers, including a $10 billion production-linked incentive scheme.

Patel said that Gujarat, which is known for its industrial prowess and ease of doing business, is well-positioned to become a hub for chipmaking in India. He said that the state has a strong ecosystem of electronics manufacturing, engineering and research and development.

“We have a skilled workforce, world-class infrastructure, stable governance and a proactive administration. We are ready to welcome any chipmaker who wants to invest in Gujarat,” he said.

Patel also said that the state is keen to partner with other countries and regions that have expertise in chipmaking, such as Taiwan, Israel and Europe. He said that the state will showcase its potential and opportunities at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, which will be inaugurated by Modi on January 10.

“We are confident that we will be able to attract more investments and create more jobs in Gujarat through this summit,” he said.



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