Himachal’s Green Leap: ₹680 Crore Startup Scheme Unveiled

The Himachal Pradesh government has launched an ambitious ₹680 crore startup scheme as part of its green initiatives to generate employment, particularly for the youth. This comprehensive scheme, spearheaded by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, encompasses several key components aimed at promoting eco-friendly transportation and supporting the state’s transition towards green energy.

Key Components of the Scheme:

  1. E-Taxi Scheme:
    • The first phase of the Rajiv Gandhi Self-Employment Start-up Yojna focuses on launching an E-Taxi Scheme.
    • Initially, 500 permits for E-Taxis will be issued, with the number expected to increase based on demand.
    • The state government is offering a 50% subsidy to aspiring entrepreneurs for purchasing E-Taxis.
    • Loans for these purchases will be more accessible due to eased conditions​​​​.
  2. E-Buses and E-Trucks:
    • Alongside E-Taxis, the scheme also promotes the transition to electric buses (E-Buses) and electric trucks (E-Trucks).
    • A similar 50% subsidy is being offered for these vehicles.
    • The government plans to replace all diesel buses of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation with E-Buses, starting with the procurement of 300 E-Buses in the first phase​​.
  3. Infrastructure Development:
    • To support the use of electric vehicles, the state is investing in the development of charging stations.
    • Seventeen E-Charging stations will be installed within the next two months, with more to follow​​.
  4. Financial Incentives for Youth:
    • Unemployed youth above 23 years will be eligible for a 50% subsidy on loans for purchasing e-taxis and e-buses, with no collateral guarantee required.
    • For an e-taxi costing ₹20 lakh, a subsidy of ₹10 lakh will be provided.
    • These e-taxis will be attached to various government departments, ensuring a monthly income of about ₹40,000​​.
  5. Online Registration and Permit Issuance:
    • A website has been launched by the Transport Department to facilitate online registration for the scheme.
    • Eligible youth will need to apply within a month to be linked to the startup scheme and receive e-taxi permits​​.
  6. Future Phases of the Scheme:
    • The second phase will encourage youth to set up solar energy projects.
    • The third phase will provide subsidies for agriculture-related work, including a 90% subsidy for pisciculture​​.

Goals and Impact:

  • Environmental Benefits: The E-Taxi Scheme plays a vital role in reducing air pollution and aligns with Himachal Pradesh’s goal of becoming a Green Energy State by March 31, 2026​​.
  • Employment Generation: The scheme is designed to provide self-employment opportunities for the youth, contributing to the state’s economic development and promoting sustainable living.

This initiative by the Himachal Pradesh government represents a significant step towards eco-friendly transportation and the creation of green jobs, reflecting a broader commitment to environmental sustainability and economic empowerment for the youth.



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