Indian Oil and EKI Energy Join Forces for ‘Surya Nutan’, Revolutionizing Solar Cooking

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL), India’s largest fuel refiner and retailer, has recently collaborated with EKI Energy Services Ltd., a global carbon credit developer and supplier, to promote ‘Surya Nutan’, a pioneering indoor solar cooking system developed by IndianOil. This strategic alliance is a significant move towards sustainable energy solutions, aligning with IndianOil’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2046 and diversifying into alternative energy sources.

‘Surya Nutan’ is a cutting-edge system that signifies a substantial shift in indoor cooking solutions, offering an eco-friendly alternative. The system is designed to be stationary, rechargeable, and kitchen-connected, providing a sustainable and efficient cooking solution. Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), IOCL will share the technology behind ‘Surya Nutan’ with EKI, aiming to enhance its production and distribution. This collaboration is expected to contribute to societal and environmental well-being, as it combines IOCL’s technology expertise with EKI’s experience in carbon finance.

EKI Energy will manage the entire lifecycle of ‘Surya Nutan’, including manufacturing, marketing, installation, and after-sales services, leveraging carbon finance and corporate social responsibility. The collaboration reflects a joint commitment to clean energy practices and a more sustainable future, aiming to introduce accessible and eco-friendly cooking solutions to a broader market.

Manish Dabkara, MD, and Chairman of EKI Energy Services Ltd., highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating that it goes beyond endorsing innovation and takes on the responsibility for environmentally sustainable development in India. The partnership is seen as a new standard for responsible corporate collaboration, aiming for a better world.

Following the announcement of this partnership, shares of EKI Energy Services Ltd surged on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), indicating positive market reception to this strategic initiative. The collaboration is a testament to the growing emphasis on sustainable solutions in the energy sector and the potential for innovative technologies like ‘Surya Nutan’ to revolutionize indoor cooking, aligning with broader visions for a greener and more sustainable future​.​​​​​​



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