India’s Green Energy Milestone: 50 Solar Parks Approved in 12 States

The Indian government has made significant strides in renewable energy, particularly solar power, with the approval of 50 solar parks across 12 states as of November 30, 2023. This initiative falls under the “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Power Projects” scheme, a major effort towards sustainable energy.

These solar parks collectively boast an impressive capacity of 37,990 megawatts (MW). So far, 11 of these parks, with a total capacity of 8,521 MW, have been fully commissioned, and 7 parks, accounting for 3,985 MW, are partially completed. Notably, solar projects totaling 10,237 MW have already been developed within these parks.

The solar park program, first implemented in December 2014, had an initial goal of establishing at least 25 solar parks and ultra mega solar power projects with a 20 GW capacity over five years starting in FY 2014-15. This target was later increased to 40 GW in March 2017. The program has been extended up to the financial year 2025-26, with an approved allocation of Rs. 8,100 Crores, and no additional funds have been allotted for this extension.

One of the unique aspects of this initiative is its focus on using waste or non-agricultural land for the development of these solar parks. Approximately 170,000 acres of land have been acquired for this purpose. Each state and union territory involved is responsible for providing land for these parks. On average, about four acres of land are needed to set up 1 MW of solar capacity. Notably, the program encourages the development of parks with a capacity of 500 MW and above.

The development of these solar parks is a step towards India’s commitment to increasing its renewable energy capacity and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The initiative also supports private investments in renewable energy, as the acquisition of land is mainly the responsibility of the respective project developers.

This ambitious project signifies a major shift in India’s energy landscape, with a strong focus on sustainability and renewable sources. The successful completion and operation of these solar parks will not only contribute significantly to India’s renewable energy capacity but also set a precedent for other nations aiming to transition towards cleaner energy sources.



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