India’s Urgent Need for 2 Billion Sq Ft in Healthcare Real Estate

According to a report by Knight Frank and Berkadia, India currently faces a significant shortfall in its healthcare real estate. The country needs an additional 2 billion square feet of space to meet the needs of its existing population, which stands at 1.42 billion​​​​. This need is further underscored by the deficit of 2.4 million beds required to reach the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO)​​​​.

Comparisons with Global Standards

India’s current bed-to-population ratio is at 1.3 per 1,000, which is considerably lower than the WHO’s recommendation of 3 per 1,000​​. In comparison, countries like Japan, China, the USA, and the UK have much higher ratios, indicating a substantial gap in healthcare infrastructure in India​​.

Growth of Healthcare Market in India

The Indian healthcare market has seen rapid growth, with its size estimated at $372 billion in 2022, a significant increase from $73 billion in 2012​​. This growth rate, averaging 18% annually, was further accelerated by the pandemic​​. Additionally, India ranks 10th out of 46 global destinations for medical tourism, which adds to the demand for healthcare infrastructure​​.

Investment Opportunities

Post-pandemic, the healthcare sector has emerged as a key area for investment, especially for long-term income-generating assets​​​​. The Knight Frank’s Attitudes Survey indicated that almost one-fourth of Indian ultra-high net worth individuals plan to invest in healthcare-related assets in 2023, recognizing the sector’s potential​



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