Intelligent Transport Systems: Experts See Hope for Safer, Smoother Roads

In recent developments, India is taking significant steps towards implementing Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to enhance road safety and manage traffic more efficiently. Experts in the field are advocating for the swift adoption of ITS, recognizing its potential to significantly reduce the high incidence of road accidents and ease traffic congestion.

One of the notable projects in this initiative is being spearheaded by NEC Corporation in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC). Funded by the Government of India’s Nirbhaya fund, this project aims to transform public transport in Uttar Pradesh, one of India’s most populous states. The project includes the installation of AIS 140-based Vehicle Location Tracking devices and emergency safety buttons across the majority of UPSRTC buses. Additionally, it plans to introduce live bus tracking through an Integrated Command Control Centre (ICCC) and install large display screens in about 100 major bus stations to provide real-time information to passengers. The project also encompasses the setting up of a cloud platform for hosting various software applications like Fleet Management System, Route Management System, and Passenger Information System. These systems are designed to optimize bus routes, monitor the fleet, and offer real-time information, thereby improving safety and passenger experience​​.

At a recent event organized by the International Road Federation – India Chapter (IRF-IC), experts emphasized the urgency of implementing ITS in India. Balraj Bhanot, Chairman of the Bureau of Indian Standards Transportation Engineering Department, highlighted ITS as a method for improving road safety by providing drivers with real-time information about road conditions. IRF president emeritus K K Kapila also underscored the role of ITS in enhancing road safety, particularly by providing initial hazard warnings through public information websites, interactive maps, and mobile applications​​​​.

This movement towards integrating ITS in India’s transport sector reflects a significant step towards addressing the challenges of road safety and traffic management in a rapidly developing country. As such projects expand and evolve, they are expected to play a crucial role in transforming India’s transport infrastructure and enhancing the travel experience for millions of commuters.



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