Nearly 58,000 Artisans Embrace Opportunities Under PM Vishwakarma Scheme

In an ambitious endeavor to rejuvenate traditional crafts and empower artisans, the Government of India’s PM Vishwakarma Scheme has become a beacon of hope and progress for nearly 58,000 artisans across the country. This scheme, fully funded by the Union Government with an allocation of Rs 13,000 crore, marks a significant step in preserving India’s rich heritage of traditional crafts while ensuring economic upliftment for its practitioners.

Comprehensive Support and Empowerment

  • Financial Backing and Credit Support: The scheme offers collateral-free credit support up to Rs 1 lakh for the first tranche and Rs 2 lakh for the second tranche at a subsidized interest rate of 5%. This financial assistance is a lifeline for artisans, enabling them to invest in their crafts without the burden of high-interest loans.
  • Recognition and Certification: Registration through the PM Vishwakarma portal is free, and successful applicants receive a PM Vishwakarma certificate and ID card. This formal recognition is more than just a document; it’s a validation of their skills and their valuable contribution to the cultural fabric of India.
  • Skill Enhancement: The scheme prioritizes skill upgradation, offering both basic and advanced training to artisans. This approach is not just about preserving traditional methods but also about adapting them to contemporary demands and markets.
  • Toolkit Incentive: A toolkit incentive of ₹15,000 is provided to each artisan. This crucial support enables them to purchase modern tools and equipment, essential for improving the quality and efficiency of their work.
  • Marketing and Digital Transaction Incentives: Recognizing the importance of market access, the scheme offers marketing support and incentives for digital transactions. This aspect is crucial in integrating these artisans into the wider economy and exposing them to national and global markets.

Diverse Trades and Nationwide Reach

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme covers a wide range of traditional trades, reflecting the diverse tapestry of Indian craftsmanship. These include carpenters, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, potters, sculptors, cobblers, masons, and more, each representing a unique aspect of India’s artisanal heritage. The scheme’s reach extends to both rural and urban areas, ensuring an inclusive approach that benefits artisans from various backgrounds and regions.

Streamlined Registration and Verification Process

The registration process is designed to be accessible and efficient. Artisans can register online, and the process involves a three-stage verification to ensure eligibility and authenticity. This transparent process ensures that the benefits of the scheme reach genuine artisans who are actively engaged in their trades.

Impact and Prospects

The PM Vishwakarma Scheme has made a tangible impact on the lives of thousands of artisans. By providing financial support, skill enhancement, and market access, the scheme has not only contributed to the economic empowerment of artisans but also played a critical role in preserving and promoting traditional crafts. These crafts are not merely professions but are intrinsic to the cultural and historical identity of India.

Looking ahead, the PM Vishwakarma Scheme is poised to continue its transformative journey, with the potential to reach even more artisans and craftspeople. Its focus on skill development, financial empowerment, and market integration aligns with the broader goals of sustainable development and cultural preservation. As the scheme evolves, it promises to reinforce the legacy of India’s traditional crafts and ensure their continuity for generations to come.



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