OYO Dives into Sports Hospitality, Shortlists 100 Hotels

OYO, the hospitality and travel-tech firm, has announced its foray into sports hospitality business, shortlisting 100 hotels across 12 key cities to cater to large sports events. The company aims to provide end-to-end solutions for athletes, officials and spectators, including accommodation, transportation and food services.

Why OYO is entering sports hospitality

According to OYO, the sports hospitality business is a growing segment in India, with several national and international events being hosted in the country. The company said that it has identified Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kochi and Goa as the potential markets for its sports hospitality offerings.

OYO said that it has already partnered with the Sports Authority of Gujarat for the National Games 2022, providing accommodation to around 12,000 participants. The company also claimed that it has experience in handling large-scale events such as IPL, ISL and Pro Kabaddi League.

How OYO plans to deliver sports hospitality

OYO said that it will leverage its technology platform and operational expertise to deliver seamless and customized services for sports events. The company said that it will offer flexible booking options, dynamic pricing, real-time inventory management and quality assurance for its sports hospitality hotels.

OYO also said that it will provide dedicated teams for each event, comprising of account managers, operations managers and guest relations executives. The company said that it will ensure safety and hygiene protocols, as well as compliance with the guidelines of the sports federations and authorities.

OYO said that it will also offer value-added services such as transportation arrangements, food delivery, laundry services and recreational facilities for the guests. The company said that it will create a personalized experience for each event, with customized branding, welcome kits and feedback mechanisms.

What expects from sports hospitality

OYO said that it expects to generate significant revenue and occupancy from its sports hospitality business. The company said that it aims to capture a large share of the market by offering affordable and quality services to its customers.

OYO also said that it hopes to enhance its brand image and reputation by entering the sports hospitality segment. The company said that it wants to showcase its capabilities and innovation in handling complex and diverse requirements of sports events.

OYO also said that it intends to contribute to the development of sports infrastructure and ecosystem in India by partnering with various stakeholders. The company said that it wants to support the growth of sports tourism and culture in the country.

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