Spacenet Enterprises Acquires 9% Stake in String Metaverse, Paving the Way for Digital Innovation

Title: Spacenet Enterprises Acquires 9% Stake in String Metaverse, Paving the Way for Digital Innovation

Mumbai, India: In a significant development in the fintech and gaming industry, Spacenet Enterprises India Ltd, a prominent NSE-listed fintech enterprise, has recently announced its strategic acquisition of a 9% stake in String Metaverse Limited, a notable entity in the burgeoning field of Web 3.0 e-gaming platforms. This acquisition aligns with Spacenet’s strategy to diversify its investment portfolio and tap into the high-growth potential of the gaming and fintech sectors.

Investment Details

  • Financials of the Deal: Spacenet Enterprises invested Rs 10 crore to acquire approximately 1.1 crore shares of String Metaverse, representing about 9% of the company’s equity. The shares were purchased at Rs 9 each​​.
  • Prior Investments: This move follows Spacenet’s earlier strategic investment in, a Mumbai-based bill discounting fintech platform​​.
  • Stock Performance: Following the announcement, Spacenet Enterprises’ stock price, listed on the SME segment of NSE, closed at Rs 25, marking an increase of 1.7%​​.

String Metaverse: A Pioneer in Web 3.0 GameFi

  • Company Profile: String Metaverse Limited, part of the Startup India initiative, is rapidly emerging as a leader in Web 3.0 GameFi. The company has offices in Hyderabad, Dubai, GIFT City, and Hong Kong​​.
  • Service Offerings: At the core of its business, String Metaverse offers a Web 3.0 GameFi platform featuring Play2Earn and Free2play concepts, along with Real Money Games. These games span across industries like Retail, E-commerce, and Food and Beverages​​.
  • Global Expansion and Revenue Streams: The company has expanded its presence across India, West Asia, South East Asia, and Europe, recently launching a platform designed to empower e-sports players, streamers, and influencers​​​​.

Strategic Significance and Future Prospects

  • Executive Insights: Prakash Dasigi, Executive Director of Spacenet Enterprises, emphasized the strategic significance of this investment, highlighting its potential to create substantial value for both Spacenet shareholders and the broader ecosystem​​.
  • Financial Outlook: Krishna Mohan, Founder of String Metaverse Limited, noted the company’s impressive achievements, including generating a revenue of 36 Cr. and a profit of 2.4 Cr. in its debut year. The company aims to hit 100 Cr. in revenue for the ongoing fiscal year and a 100 Cr. PAT within the next 1000 days​​.
  • Impact on GameFi Landscape: This collaboration between Spacenet Enterprises and String Metaverse is expected to significantly influence the future of the GameFi landscape, bringing together Spacenet’s financial strength and strategic acumen with String Metaverse’s innovative gaming offerings​​.


The strategic acquisition by Spacenet Enterprises marks a pivotal step in embracing the digital transformation sweeping across industries. By investing in String Metaverse, Spacenet is not only diversifying its portfolio but is also positioning itself at the forefront of the rapidly evolving e-sports and gaming sector. This partnership is anticipated to pave the way for innovative developments in the GameFi and digital entertainment spaces, underscoring a promising future for both entities in the dynamic global market.



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