Strata: India’s First Full-Exit Fractional Platform

Strata: India’s First Full-Exit Fractional Platform

Strata, India’s largest commercial real estate investment platform, has announced the successful sale of its warehouse asset in Jaipur, delivering a return on investment of 13-14% to its investors over a period of two years. With this sale, Strata becomes the first fractional ownership platform (FOP) in the country to offer a full exit to its investors .

The asset, spanning 88,000 square feet, represents Strata’s first successful sale with substantial return on investment (ROI). Launched in 2021 for investment, the warehouse asset named ‘Jaipur Opportunity’, was acquired at Rs. 20.09 crore and has appreciated by 5.72% CAGR with the final valuation totalling Rs. 23.25 crore at the time of sale.

Strata expands its presence in emerging markets

As a trendsetter in creating opportunities in deep India, beyond the already saturated tier I markets, Strata is focussing on creating more robust, growth and value-oriented investment opportunities for its investors across the country. At the time of launch in 2021, the warehouse asset was fully funded within 48 hours of its launch, showcasing investor confidence in India’s emerging cities and contributing to their development. About 45% of investors in this property were first-time fractional ownership investors, indicating a trend towards newer markets.

CEO comments on the milestone

Commenting on this milestone, Sudarshan Lodha, Co-founder and CEO of Strata, said, “This successful exit not only meets, but surpasses investor expectations, strengthening confidence in Strata and fractional ownership as an alternative investment. We have gained tremendous confidence in Jaipur as a market, and we are planning to launch Rs.100 Cr worth of assets in Jaipur in the upcoming quarter. Our commitment to maintain investor interests through research-driven flexibility underscores our dedication to transparency, innovation, and maximizing returns. This milestone reflects the efficacy of our rigorous, process-driven model and the trust our investors place in us. Successful investments stem from recognizing promising markets, fostering local partnerships, and ethically supporting invested communities.”

Strata leads the fractional ownership space in India

The successful delivery of 13-14% of ROI to its investors over a period of two years underscores Strata’s focus on creating a robust new asset class of fractional ownership in India, thereby democratizing access to high-end CRE investment. Boasting over 1 lakh users and 3,000+ active investors, including approximately 25% NRI participation, Strata is also playing a pivotal role in encouraging foreign investments in the Indian real estate sector. The platform is backed by reputable institutional investors such as Kotak Investment Advisors, Gruhas Proptech, Sabre Investments, Elevation Capital, Mayfield and PropStack.

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