Tamil Nadu Boosts Five Startups with Rs 6.5 Crore Equity Injection

The Tamil Nadu government, under the leadership of Chief Minister MK Stalin, has recently sanctioned an equity investment of Rs 6.5 crore to five startups as part of the Tamil Nadu Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes Startup Fund. This significant investment demonstrates the state government’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs from the SC/ST communities and fostering innovation across various sectors.

The five startups that have received this funding are engaged in diverse fields such as electronics manufacturing, agriculture technology, healthcare, and food/agriculture. These companies are strategically located across different districts in Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, Tiruvallur, Perambalur, and Kanniyakumari. Notably, two of these startups are managed by members of the ST community, with one being entirely operated by tribal women, showcasing the government’s efforts to empower underrepresented groups in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The startups benefiting from this initiative include Ecopmin Technologies Pvt Ltd, which received Rs 3 crore for its role in the electronics manufacturing sector. Adhiban Farms Pvt Ltd, focusing on agriculture technology, secured Rs 2.2 crore. In the healthcare sector, COEO Wellness Pvt Ltd was granted Rs 60 lakh. Mannvasanai Traditional Food Pvt Ltd, which deals with traditional food items, attracted an investment of Rs 45 lakh. Lastly, Nanjil Nadu Kani Tribal Women Creations Pvt Ltd, active in the food and agriculture industry, received a Rs 25 lakh grant.

This investment not only provides these companies with the necessary capital for expansion but also adds credibility, aiding them in acquiring new clients and expanding into more markets. The Tamil Nadu government, through initiatives like StartupTN, offers mentorship and post-investment support to help these startups achieve their goals more efficiently.

Chief Minister Stalin, during the event, emphasized the state’s dedication to building a society based on social justice, equality, and brotherhood. He highlighted various welfare schemes and the government’s efforts in uplifting the socio-economic and educational status of the SC/ST communities in Tamil Nadu.

The event also saw the inauguration of school buildings, hostels, and community halls, as well as the laying of foundation stones for new educational facilities, indicating a broader commitment to infrastructural and community development in the state.

The Tamil Nadu government’s proactive approach in supporting startups run by SC/ST entrepreneurs aligns with its vision of an inclusive and equitable society, where opportunities for growth and innovation are accessible to all sectors of the community.



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