Uno Minda Initiates Alloy-Wheel Plant Construction in Haryana

In a move that promises to significantly bolster Haryana’s auto industry, auto component leader Uno Minda has broken ground on a new alloy-wheel plant. The company announced a hefty investment of Rs 542 crore for the upcoming facility, which will be located at IMT Kharkhoda. Upon completion, the plant is slated to churn out an impressive 1.2 lakh wheels each month, marking a major milestone for Uno Minda’s production capacity.

Phased Approach for Strategic Expansion

Uno Minda has adopted a strategic, phased approach for the development of its new alloy-wheel plant. The project is envisioned to unfold over the next five years, with the first phase anticipated to be operational by the second quarter of FY26. This phased development allows for meticulous integration of the new facility into Uno Minda’s existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and optimized production.

Land Acquisition for Future Growth

Uno Minda’s commitment to long-term growth extends beyond the immediate construction of the new plant. To accommodate not only the current project but also future endeavors, the company has secured a vast land parcel of 94.32 acres at IMT Kharkhoda, Haryana HSIIDC. A designated 25-acre area from this land parcel will be dedicated to the new greenfield alloy-wheel plant. This foresight ensures Uno Minda has ample space for potential expansion and industry diversification.

Technological Innovation for Industry Leadership

The new alloy-wheel plant serves as a testament to Uno Minda’s unwavering focus on innovation and technological advancements. The company envisions a future with large-scale, technologically advanced megafactories operating alongside consolidated existing facilities. This strategic approach is expected to yield significant benefits in terms of enhanced operational efficiency and economic optimization. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, Uno Minda is well-positioned to solidify its leadership role within the dynamic Indian auto component industry.

Uno Minda’s expansion into the alloy-wheel segment reflects not only the company’s confidence in the growing Indian automobile industry but also its commitment to innovation and long-term strategic development. This significant investment is poised to create new job opportunities in Haryana and further solidify Uno Minda’s position as a frontrunner in the auto component sector.

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