Varthana Secures $10M Debt from BlueOrchard Finance

Varthana Finance, a non-banking financial company (NBFC) on a mission to bridge the affordability gap in education, has secured a significant debt financing round of $10 million from BlueOrchard Finance. This strategic injection of capital will act as a springboard for Varthana’s growth trajectory, allowing them to amplify their reach and empower a wider network of affordable private schools across India.

A Tailored Approach to Empowering Schools

Founded in 2013 by Steve Hardgrave and Brajesh Mishra, Varthana Finance has carved a niche in the education financing space. Unlike traditional lenders, Varthana offers customized loan products and financial services specifically designed for the unique needs of budget-conscious private schools. These solutions go beyond just loans, often encompassing financial planning and budgeting guidance. This tailored approach empowers schools to invest in critical areas like:

  • Infrastructure upgrades: Renovating classrooms, building libraries, or expanding playgrounds.
  • Technology integration: Equipping classrooms with interactive tools and digital learning resources.
  • Faculty development: Providing teachers with training opportunities to enhance their skills and pedagogy.

Varthana’s impact extends beyond schools. By offering student loan programs, they make quality education more attainable for a broader demographic. This financial accessibility allows students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to pursue their educational aspirations.

BlueOrchard Finance: Aligning Impact with Investment

BlueOrchard Finance, the provider of this debt financing, is a leading global impact investor. The firm has a long history of supporting businesses and communities that generate positive social and environmental outcomes. By partnering with Varthana Finance, BlueOrchard underscores its commitment to fostering inclusive education initiatives across India. This investment aligns perfectly with BlueOrchard’s mission of generating financial returns alongside measurable social impact.

Investing in the Future, One School at a Time

The $10 million debt financing positions Varthana Finance for substantial growth. The company plans to leverage these fresh funds to expand its geographical footprint and serve a more extensive network of affordable private schools. This strategic move will not only benefit the schools themselves but also contribute to elevating the quality of education for a substantial student population in India. With this strategic debt financing round, Varthana Finance and BlueOrchard Finance have joined forces to create a ripple effect that empowers both educational institutions and students, paving the way for a brighter future in education.

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