Zomato Cancels Green Uniform for Pure Veg Fleet

In a surprising move, online food delivery giant Zomato has backtracked on its decision to introduce green uniforms for its “Pure Veg Fleet.” The change comes after the company faced a social media firestorm for creating a two-tiered delivery system based on vegetarian preferences.

Earlier this week, Zomato announced the launch of a “Pure Veg Mode” service aimed at strictly vegetarian customers. This service would be delivered by a separate fleet of riders sporting green uniforms to distinguish them from regular delivery personnel. However, the move backfired spectacularly, with many social media users expressing concerns about potential discrimination and practical issues.

Netizens Raise Concerns Over Green Fleet

Critics argued that the green uniform policy could lead to difficulties for riders. They worried that some societies or Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) might deny entry to riders not wearing the standard red uniform. Additionally, some users pointed out the potential for social division based on dietary choices.

Responding swiftly to the online outcry, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal announced via social media that the company would be reversing its decision. All delivery partners, including those delivering vegetarian orders, would now wear the standard red uniform.

What This Means for Zomato Customers

While the rider uniforms will remain red, Zomato assures customers that the “Pure Veg Fleet” will still exist. The distinction between regular and vegetarian deliveries will now be visible only on the Zomato app. This ensures customers receive their veg orders from a dedicated fleet that meets their dietary preferences.

Zomato’s decision to scrap the green uniform policy highlights the importance of considering social and logistical implications before implementing new initiatives. The company will need to address the concerns of strictly vegetarian customers moving forward. It remains to be seen how Zomato will achieve this while maintaining a uniform rider experience and avoiding any perception of discrimination.

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