India Bolsters Naval Defense: ₹2956 Crore Deal for 16 Advanced SRGMs with BHEL

The Ministry of Defence of India has recently entered into a significant contract with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), a state-run enterprise based in Haridwar. This contract, finalized on November 28, 2023, involves the procurement of 16 upgraded Super Rapid Gun Mounts (SRGMs), along with associated equipment and accessories. The total value of the contract is estimated at ₹2956.89 Crore (approximately 2,956 crores)​​​​​​​​​​.

The SRGM is a medium-caliber, anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense weapon system, known for its high rate of sustained fire and accuracy. These characteristics make it a vital addition to the Indian Navy’s arsenal, enhancing its defense capabilities against both missile and aerial threats​​.

BHEL’s Haridwar Plant has been designated as the manufacturing site for these upgraded SRGMs. This move aligns with the Indian government’s “Buy (Indian)” policy, which promotes the procurement of defense equipment from domestic sources, thereby boosting the indigenous defense industry and reducing reliance on foreign suppliers​​.

This deal is a part of India’s ongoing efforts to modernize and strengthen its naval forces, and it underscores the commitment of the Ministry of Defence to enhance the nation’s maritime security. The addition of these advanced weapon systems to the Indian Navy’s fleet will significantly augment its defensive and offensive capabilities, ensuring better protection of India’s maritime interests.



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