Leading the Green Revolution: IIT Kanpur and Kotak Bank’s Sustainable School Initiative

In a significant stride towards environmental sustainability, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) and Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (KMBL) have recently inaugurated the Kotak School of Sustainability, marking the establishment of India’s first fully integrated school of sustainability. This pioneering initiative, funded by KMBL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, was launched on December 14, 2023, in New Delhi.

The Kotak School of Sustainability is a response to the urgent need for sustainable solutions in the face of global warming and other environmental challenges. The school will focus on comprehensive education and research in sustainability, integrating environmental science, clean technology, and socio-economic aspects of sustainable development.

Key Features of the Initiative:

  1. Centers of Excellence: The school will house several centers of excellence specializing in clean energy, environment, ecology, circular economy, climate finance, sustainable societies, and policy. These centers aim to foster interdisciplinary research and innovation in sustainability.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: The initiative will offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, providing in-depth education and skill-building in various sustainability themes.
  3. Global Expertise and Collaboration: The Kotak School of Sustainability is set to be led by tenured professors and leading industry experts from around the world, promoting global collaboration in the field of sustainability.
  4. Infrastructure: The school will be located in a green building on IITK’s main campus, designed to be platinum-rated and embody net-zero practices in energy, water, and waste management.
  5. Government and Institutional Support: The initiative has received accolades from government officials, including Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, the Hon’ble Union Minister of Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, who emphasized the school’s role in helping India meet its ambitious target of net zero by 2070.
  6. A Holistic Approach: Reflecting IIT Kanpur’s commitment, the school aims to provide a holistic approach to tackle sustainability challenges due to climate change. This aligns with India’s National Missions related to sustainability and supports the country’s climate action plans.

The collaboration between IIT Kanpur and Kotak Mahindra Bank in establishing the Kotak School of Sustainability is a testament to the increasing recognition of the need for integrated and comprehensive approaches to addressing environmental sustainability. By combining academic expertise, industry insights, and government support, this initiative is poised to contribute significantly to sustainable development and climate resilience, both in India and globally.



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