Navigating the Future: Indian CEOs’ Massive Shift Towards GenAI

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Indian CEOs are increasingly turning to Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to maintain a competitive edge. This strategic shift is driven by the recognition of GenAI’s potential to revolutionize various aspects of business operations and strategy.

Key Findings

  1. High Investment in GenAI: A significant majority, over 80%, of Indian CEOs are investing in GenAI. This investment is not just in terms of financial resources but also involves reallocating capital from other budgets to fund GenAI initiatives.
  2. Challenges in AI Implementation: Despite the enthusiasm, there are challenges in implementing AI at scale. About 76% of executives in India acknowledge that while top-level management can pilot AI projects, scaling them across the organization remains a challenge.
  3. Diverse Teams for AI Development: To ensure responsible use and diversity in thinking, over 92% of firms have multidisciplinary teams working on AI projects. This approach is crucial for the nuanced and effective implementation of AI technologies.
  4. The Imperative of AI for Business Survival: The adoption of AI is seen not just as a strategy for growth but as essential for the very survival of businesses. The rapid evolution of technology and market dynamics makes AI an indispensable tool for staying relevant.


  • Enhanced Business Capabilities: The adoption of GenAI is expected to significantly enhance business capabilities, efficiency, and growth prospects for Indian companies.
  • Need for Effective Scaling: The ability to effectively scale AI initiatives across organizations is a critical factor that will determine the success of these investments.
  • Strategic Realignment: Companies are likely to undergo a strategic realignment, prioritizing AI and technology in their long-term plans.
  • Potential for Job Creation: The shift towards AI could lead to the creation of new job roles and opportunities, particularly in the technology sector.


The movement towards GenAI signifies a transformative phase in the Indian business landscape. As CEOs bet big on this technology, the coming years are likely to witness significant changes in how businesses operate and compete.



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