Onedios’ Financial Boost: Rs 6 Crore Raised to Reinvent Customer Care

Onedios, an IT Services and IT Consulting industry-focused company, recently completed a successful bridge funding round. The round was co-led by Inflection Point Ventures and VCATs, with the company securing a total of Rs 6 crore. This investment marks a significant milestone for Onedios, which operates as an aggregator platform for customer care services.

The funds raised in this round are earmarked for several key initiatives. A primary focus will be on training retailers to sell extended warranties directly from brands and OEMs, as opposed to third-party providers. This strategy aims to streamline the warranty process and ensure a higher level of service and reliability for consumers. Additionally, the investment will facilitate the onboarding of retailers, an essential step in expanding Onedios’ reach and capabilities.

Apart from retailer training and onboarding, Onedios plans to allocate funds towards enhancing various aspects of its operations. This includes investments in technology, which are crucial for maintaining and improving the platform’s efficiency and user experience. Operational improvements are also on the agenda, likely focusing on optimizing internal processes and customer service capabilities. Furthermore, a portion of the funds will be directed towards marketing and sales efforts, crucial for increasing brand awareness and driving user engagement and adoption.

This funding round, completed on November 30, 2023, represents a strategic move by Onedios to solidify its position in the customer care service sector. The company’s focus on leveraging technology to connect dealers, distributors, and consumers in a seamless and efficient manner has been a key factor in its growth. The additional capital will enable Onedios to expand its services and enhance its platform, ultimately aiming to revolutionize the customer care service industry​​​​​​​​​



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