SustVest’s Sustainable Investment Journey Boosted by WEH Ventures’ $250K

SustVest, a Gurugram-based investment platform specializing in renewable energy projects, recently secured a funding of $250,000 in a round led by WEH Ventures. This investment marks a significant step forward for SustVest, which aims to redefine the intersection of finance and sustainability.

Co-founded in 2022 by Hardik Bhatia and Devansh Shah, SustVest distinguishes itself by enabling users to purchase fractional ownership in renewable energy projects, such as solar, with a minimum ticket size of INR 25,000. This approach sets it apart from other platforms which often require investments up to INR 1 crore for commercial solar projects. SustVest has successfully sold Rs 20 crore worth of solar projects and generated Rs 1 crore in energy income for its expanding user base, which currently boasts over 45,000 registered investors​​​​.

Devansh Shah, the Co-founder of SustVest, expressed excitement about the recent fundraising, stating that the funds will be strategically utilized to expand their user base and propel the company towards an ambitious goal of reaching 100 crore in Assets Under Management (AUM). The platform’s projects have already resulted in saving 20 lakh kgs in CO2 emissions, and they are poised to continue creating impactful changes for the next 30 years​​.

Deepak Gupta, General Partner at WEH Ventures, highlighted SustVest’s disruptive model and its alignment with WEH Ventures’ commitment to drive impactful revolution. WEH Ventures, a sector-agnostic early-stage venture fund, has supported various category-leading companies and is now keen to back SustVest in reshaping the investment landscape and accelerating towards a greener, more sustainable future​​.

In summary, SustVest’s recent funding round, led by WEH Ventures, reflects a significant endorsement of its unique approach to sustainable investment in renewable energy. The company’s innovative model and its growing impact on reducing CO2 emissions position it as a promising player in the field of conscientious wealth building and environmental sustainability.



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